Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Left My Life Back in 2005

I was recently reminded of the fact that I haven't blogged in over a month. And really, my last post wasn't much more than a bunch of pictures and instructions on how to make the same thing. In fact, that's all it was. I suppose part of my blogging hiatus has come as a result of a lack of anything interesting to blog about.

When I first started this blog, I meant for it to be sort of a joke - I blogged about the most inane things as if they were terrifically fascinating. (Which is why the tag line in my blog title is so very sarcastic.) Eventually I graduated into writing about things that were actually interesting, and kept at it for a while...until interesting subject matter became more elusive.

Then, a few days ago, I had a run-in with a fly. Oooh, it was a tricky bugger (no pun intended) (well, maybe a little pun intended), and it kept sneaking under the door of my room after I'd chased it out! I spent quite a bit of time chasing that stupid thing around my room with the best weapon I could find - a sombrero (which won out in the end, I'll have you know).

As I was battling the miniature beast, I thought to myself, I should blog about this. I even took a couple of pictures and had the name of the post picked out: Woman vs Fly: the Epic Battle of 2010. Then it hit me: I already wrote this post back in 2008, only then I was only joking about it! And now...now this really is the most interesting thing that has happened to me?! THIS is what I'm thinking about writing about in my blog?! Sigh.

In contrast, a month or so ago I came across an old journal of mine from the year 2005, and as I read through it, I marveled at the incredible life I led back then! I mean, I had a LIFE back then!! I was constantly hanging out with friends, I actually dated, there was drama right and left. And the good kind of drama! The stuff blogs are made of! What happened to me? It's no wonder I go so long between posts.

Over the last year or so, I've thought about reinventing my blog, making it more about art, etc, but I think that my website (coming soon to a web server near you!) will serve that purpose. So after careful consideration, here's what I've concluded:

1. I have no (or very little) life.
2. What life I have you probably wouldn't care to read about.
3. I like to be sarcastic.

The result of these conclusions is this: you might be reading more about epic battles with flies and people stealing my chocolate chips, but I'll do my best to make it entertaining. Perhaps I'll fool you and I both that my life is more fascinating that it actually is. For now, here's a picture that I took of some clouds. Enjoy.