Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please Don't Stop the Covers.

A few days ago I was searching for a ringtone, and hoped to find something by Jamie Cullum, one of my favorite contemporary jazz singers. I was surprised when I kept seeing "Jamie Cullum, Please Don't Stop the Music." I know that song pretty well (it's one of my favorite songs my friend Tiffany sings at karaoke), and it just didn't seem like a song Jamie Cullum would be singing. Turns out, Jamie covers Rihanna really well! In my opinion, that is. Which of these two versions do you prefer?

I'm including 3 versions of the song: Rihanna's original version, Jamie Cullum's cover, and Tiffany's (shortened) karaoke version (at the Dam Site Inn in Hell, Michigan). I hope at the very least these songs make you get up and dance.

Click here for Rihanna's version.

Click here for Jamie Cullum's cover.

Click below to see Tiffany's amazing skills!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I sometimes think that maybe my allergy to wool has gone away (like a bad cold?) and wear my beautiful gray scarf. The allergy is still here.

(And yes, that IS James Dean behind me.)