Wednesday, April 16, 2014

VIPTs: Very Important Personality Tests!!

Last night, when I should have been working on Important, Responsible Things, I instead spent...let's just say "a lot of time"...on Zimbio taking Very Important Personality Tests.  I mean, how could I get anything done until I knew which Goonies character I was? (Stef) Or who my celebrity boyfriend would be? (Joseph Gordon-Levitt...score!)  Or which 80s Action Hero I was?  (Robocop, natch.)

I won't confess to how many of these tests I took either.  Suffice it to say, I now have my personality pretty well figured out, thanks to these online, very accurate and meaningful tests.  Zimbio (and the government) probably knows way too much about me now, too.  

Here are a few of my results, so you can understand me better.  Click this link so you can take a few quizzes as well, and report back here with your results!  Are you Giles from the Buffy series, too?  Did you also get Taylor Swift as your celebrity road trip companion??  Inquiring minds need to know!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Robot Tuesdays

Some days there are just too many thoughts in my head.  I feel like my brain races from one thing to the next without stopping to appreciate the chaos. Earlier on in this blog, I tried out something that my sister Elizabeth does on her blog's Wednesday Thoughts posts - just get a bunch of ideas down that may or may not be related.  I planned on doing mine on Tuesdays, since that day is in the title of my blog*.  I haven't done it in quite a while, but today was one of those crazy brain days, so I thought I'd get a bunch of stuff down in one post.

First, I've been meaning to put a link here to my new art blog, Paintings Speak Louder Than Words. I started it so I can chronicle my adventures as Two Twelve Arts Center's Artist in Residence over the next six months, as well as my continued journey as an artist.  I plan on using that blog for artsy things, updates and progress made on the residency, etc, but will continue to blog here as well. (Come to think of it, this whole blog is like a Robot Tuesdays post - a lot of random stuff, much of it a bit goofy...)

Speaking of the artist residency, I walked the ~mile to the studio today.  I know that it can still get cold and even snow this month, but today was the first day where it finally, truly felt like spring!!  The sun was shining, it was in the high 50s/low 60s (short-sleeved shirt weather here in Michigan!), birds were chirping - it was glorious!!!  I reveled in wearing a t-shirt outside again, instead of several layers and a coat (and a scarf and gloves and a hat...).

I forgot just how difficult walking is!  Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but I haven't really walked for exercise in a while, thanks to the whole bronchitis/fractured rib deal.  It's one thing to walk around a store or at work, another thing entirely to walk for exercise with a heavy backpack on your back!  Plus, I have a tendency to walk fast.  Anyone in my family will confirm that, especially my younger sister, Heather - we walked home from middle school together (I was in 8th, she was in 6th), and she would always yell at me to slow down as she jogged to catch up.  I do have a long stride and am about 5 inches taller than her, but I also just find myself walking fast without really thinking about it.  Good for exercise, bad for the ol' shin splints.

I really like finding a song that matches my stride.  As I was walking up a hill today, "Home" by Phillip Phillips came on and matched my stride perfectly!  It made the hill seem less exhausting. (On a different note, anyone else in love with Phillip Phillips?  That smile + that voice = Dreamy.  I need a gif of me raising my eyebrows over and over to put right here.)  

As I was jamming to Phil Phil, I walked past a store that sells medical supplies - they have a sign in the window that just says, "CPAP."  I have no idea what that is, I just know that I always think it says "CRAP" when I see it out of the corner of my eye.  

Once at the studio, I watched some Gilmore Girls followed by the movie "Oz the Great and Powerful" (is that what it's called?). I like to watch movies or TV on DVD while I paint.  Recently it's been a lot of a favorite show of mine, "Inspector Lewis" (speaking of dreamy, Sergeant Hathaway, anyone??), and some fairly poorly acted TV movies based on Mary Higgins Clark books.  (I get what I can find at the library, since I don't get internet at the studio.  It's for the best, since it's harder to waste time on the internet on my phone!)

I'm telling you, a LOT of random thoughts today.  Good news?  As far as I know  I was just going to write something about no one having played any April Fool's jokes on me today, but there are still a few minutes left of April 1st, so I'd better be careful.  I know very few people who actually like April Fool's Day...  Do you?  

*I don't think I've ever explained the title of my blog on here anywhere. I think it's more fun that way.