Monday, August 27, 2012

Yes To Staying In More!!

Liz Lemon speaks the words of my heart... 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Since I finished grad school and had to leave my studio in Grand Rapids, I've been turning to my sketchbook more than ever as a way to get my artistic juices flowing.  I'll admit I didn't use it much in grad school.  I sketched on random sheets of paper and the boards to which I attach my watercolor paper, but it was never very organized.

It's been fun to sketch again with no real purpose in mind besides being creative and keeping in practice.  I thought I'd share a few pages of my sketchbook with you.  It's nothing spectacular, just practice!  And, as we all know, practice makes...well, maybe not perfect, but at least better!!  

I love drawing noses, and thought I'd have some fun drawing
celebrity noses.

I'd been considering impossible things...

I read up on Zentangles and started experimenting.

Close-up of my first one.

Close-up of my second one. (With watercolor in the background.)

Some ink and watercolor sketches.

More zentangles

Playing with stippling and poetry.

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