Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes, Yes, I'm a Nerd

When I was in middle school, a motivational speaker came to our school and talked to us about being a Nerd. Granted, not your typical idea of a motivational speaker, but I think the idea behind this was that we were being taught to embrace our individuality and not to be afraid of being different. The speaker wore two different colored high-top Chucks and had a motto that has stuck with me through the ensuing decade and a half: “Nerds Rule!”

I remember asking my mom if we could go back for the assembly (discussion?) he was going to do in the evening that was open to the public, and she obliged. Finally, at last, here was someone who was validating my existence! I was a Nerd, and that was OK! Nerds Rule! I even got a button, which was square and had a cartoon drawing of his feet with the two different colored Chucks and the motto scrawled across it in bold lettering. I believe that button maintained a proud position on my backpack for quite some time after.

It’s been a few years now since that motivational speaker first reassured my awkward, middle school self that being a Nerd was OK, and the button is long gone. But the message has stuck with me. Nerds Rule, and there’s no sense hiding my inherent Nerdiness from the world.

The essence of my Nerdiness has been manifested lately in a very technological way. I am often tempted to quickly hide and erase all evidence of these Nerdy activities, but am reminded of that guy who once reassured me that Nerds were Cool, and to be confident with that fact.

I have learned to accept it, and think you should, too.

I am a Nerd, and I rule.*

I like Farmville, and will post things on my wall, because, darnit, I want to help my Farmville Neighbors out (and get free gifts in return). I may delete some of these posts after the prizes have been claimed, but that does not diminish my love of the game. It is only a way for me to keep up some semblance of a (pretend) non-Nerdy lifestyle. I believe I’ve fooled most people into thinking that I’m not a Nerd, and if I haven’t, I’d like to delude myself for a little longer that I have.

My friend Megan recently introduced me to a hilarious online show called The Guild. The Guild is a group of people who play an online game (it’s supposed to be something along the lines of World of Warcraft and the like) and the Nerdtastic antics they get into. Each episode is around 5 or 6 minutes long, and seriously funny. Hilarious’d.

While the type of game The Guild plays is rather different than Farmville, the sentiment is very similar. Those who play are often found to be discussing how to get more XP, the temptation to break down and pay real money for Farmville Dollars, mastering crops, and sending each other certain free gifts. You may mock, but you have to accept at least one fact: we’re having fun, and part of you thinks your friend’s farm is pretty and kind of wants you to start one yourself.

Give in, friends. We’re Nerds, and proud of it. Come join us!

*I mean this in the humblest way possible, of course.