Friday, August 20, 2010

White Gummy Bears

Yesterday my mom and I went to one of our favorite Ann Arbor restaurants: San Fu (located in the South Main Market). Apart from having delicious Chinese food, the name of the place is really fun to say. (Try it!)

A couple of stores down from San Fu is one of my favorite stores, called By the Pound. At this store, you can buy spices, baking supplies, granola, beans, candy, etc, all - you guessed it - by the pound. I used to go there all the time and buy different kinds of candy that I would stash around my desk for when I needed a little something sweet - Andes Mints, M & Ms, Swedish Fish, gummy bears... The nice thing was that you had a little control over what you got: don't like blue M & Ms? While the clerk's not looking, scoop those ones back out of your bag. Only want red Swedish Fish? Be strategic in your scooping and just grab the red ones!

For me, it's the white gummy bears. I pretty much like all flavors of gummy bears (but not all brands - some are too chewy or too tough), but the white ones, which I believe are pineapple flavored, are my favorite! It's like strawberry flavored Starburst - I love to save those ones for last! Or else I'm careful to eat them at strategic intervals in between the other flavors.

Yesterday I did my best scoop work, and got as many white gummy bears as I could. Mmm, it's been a delicious day, eating those yummy little bears! It's also reminded me of how I used to love to eat off the heads and switch around the gummy bodies... I thought maybe I was weird, then remembered a tutorial I read last year - it's not just me! (Click here for the tutorial - it's quite hilarious!)

Do you have any favorite candy flavors or candy traditions? Did you grow up eating Pop Rocks or red Razzles or only the brown Reese's Pieces? Do you also call flavors by the color? My mom always tells me how silly she felt going to Dairy Queen when we were kids and ordering red, purple, or green popsicles. The employees would look at her funny and say, "You mean, cherry, grape, and lime?"

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a white gummy bear with a red head and one green arm waiting to be eaten. Mmmm...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garage Salin' It Up

My sister Heather and I are sitting in the garage right now, waiting for prospective buyers at our garage sale. I have to say, I've never had much success selling at garage sales. My sister is making bank ("bank" being more than $20!!), but I've sold nada. Now, granted I have 3 things for sale, but still.

While sitting out here, however, I have made efforts at earning money a different way: I've set up an Etsy shop! For those of you who've never heard of it, Etsy is a website where people can "set up shop" and sell hand-made wares. Each person has an individual shop where people can come, browse their product, and buy directly from them. I don't have much up on mine yet, but you can check it out at:

In other news, I bought these amazing things at someone else's garage sale:
Can you guess what they are? I'll tell you in the comments so I don't ruin the surprise for you. I love a good garage sale find! Have you had any success at garage sales this summer? Do tell!